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Leased Equipment

Monthly Pricing Guide

VARCOMM provides a simple and affordable leasing solution so you're never offline and always on budget! Call or visit us today for details.


Modem Lease
Includes 24/7
technical support

$5 / Monthly

Modem+Router Lease
Includes 24/7
technical support

$8 / Monthly

Customer Supplied

$0 / Monthly


Basic Information of a Modem vs. Router

  • A router links the computers to the internet from a modem and/or lets computers link to each other within the same router network

  • A modem gets information from your ISP or internet service provider (VARCOMM)

  • You need a modem to connect to the internet, and then you need router to dispatch the internet information to your devices

  • A Modem + Router combination is a device that is two in one. It has router functions as well as modem functions.

Lease a Modem or Modem+Router Combo

  • We provide the appropriate Modem or GigaBlast Router + Modem for your broadband service to meet the needs of your business.

  • Never worry about upgrades, VARCOMM has all software upgrade covered for you

  • Take control of your network with Command IQ®

  • We make upgraded equipment available to you at no additional cost if we update Internet plan speeds and when technology improves

  • VARCOMM replaces your Modem or Router should it ever break

  • Technical support for your modem is guaranteed and available 24/7

  • Return equipment if you cancel your service

  • All GigaBlast Routers come equipped with the latest Wi-Fi6 delivering the best business Wi-Fi experience available

  • VARCOMM technicians will install and make sure equipment is operational

VARCOMM GigaBlast Options

VARCOMM takes the worry out of your equipment. Our Calix gear is equipped for just about everything you need. In addition, if it breaks, we will replace it or fix it. Never be out of date with your internet equipment — ever. That's our no BS promise!

GigaBLAST Mini (u4)
GigaBLAST Mini
The Ultimate Wi-Fi experience with a modern design.

With its minimalist, compact design the GigaBLAST Mini u4 provides cost-effective delivery of powerful Wi-Fi 6 technology. With the GigaBLAST Mini, it's ready for any lifestyle — from living in a studio apartment to expansive homes, its always ready to deliver.

GigaBLAST Pro (u6)
Deliver ultimate Wi-Fi coverage and throughput. 

Our most powerful Wi-Fi 6 system, the GigaBLAST Pro u6 delivers lightning-fast speed, four (4) LAN ports, integrated voice services, and the ability to deliver superior throughput and complete coverage to every part of your home.​​

GigaBLAST Mesh
Create the ultimate Wi-Fi experience with a flexible mesh unit and expand your reach.

GigaBLAST "Intelligent" Mesh* Wi-Fi — uses AI and machine learning to optimize your connection no matter where you roam about your house. It's elegant, easy to setup — just plug and play. Continually assesses Wi-Fi to optimize device performance.

*Requires either GBM u4 or GBP u6 unit.

Customer-Supplied Router

  • Purchase your router from a local or online retailer

  • You are responsible for security settings on your wireless network

  • You may have to purchase a new router to optimize performance whenever we upgrade speed tiers

  • VARCOMM does not provide technical support for purchased modems. You are responsible for the modem if it malfunctions.

  • Our Internet customers are required to use an authorized device that will not cause harm to our network

  • VARCOMM requires that customer lease a modem from us to ensure connectivity to the broadband network

If you are not sure which option is best for you, feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have and we will help you find the right Internet solution for your home.

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