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Alien Technology?

Nope — Even Better.

Wi-Fi everywhere

GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate Wi-Fi blankets your home inside and out with seamless connectivity and speed
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VARCOMM GigaBlast Options

VARCOMM takes the worry out of your equipment. Our Calix gear is equipped for just about everything you need. Plus, if it breaks, we will replace it or fix it. Never be out of date with your internet equipment — ever. That's our no BS promise!

GigaBLAST Mini (u4)
$8 / Monthly
GigaBLAST Mini
The Ultimate Wi-Fi experience with a modern design.

With its minimalist, compact design the GigaBLAST Mini u4 provides cost-effective delivery of powerful Wi-Fi 6 technology. With the GigaBLAST Mini, it's ready for any lifestyle — from living in a studio apartment to expansive homes, its always ready to deliver.

GigaBLAST Pro (u6)
$18 / Monthly
Deliver ultimate Wi-Fi coverage and throughput. 

Our most powerful Wi-Fi 6 system, the GigaBLAST Pro u6 delivers lightning-fast speed, four (4) LAN ports, integrated voice services, and the ability to deliver superior and complete coverage to every part of your home.​​

GigaBLAST Mesh
$4 / Monthly
Create the ultimate Wi-Fi experience with a flexible mesh unit and expand your reach.

GigaBLAST "Intelligent" Mesh* Wi-Fi — uses AI and machine learning to optimize your connection no matter where you roam about your house. It's elegant, easy to setup — just plug and play. Continually assesses Wi-Fi to optimize device performance.

*Requires either GBM u4 or GBP u6 unit.


Connectivity anywhere and everywhere you call home.

Wi-Fi is the glue that binds our digital life. Whether you’re working from home, schooling from home, or running anything online - it just needs to run smoothly. With GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate Wi-Fi you can be up and running in minutes.

  • Connect more than 200 devices in minutes

  • Expands full speed Wi-Fi, inside and outside your home

  • Reduces Wi-Fi interference to eliminate drops

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