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Good Call

From Lifeline to Lifetime connections

VARCOMM offers the most reliable, unlimited local incoming and outgoing calls, access to emergency 911 services, directory and operator services and access to long distance service.

Home telephone calls are superior to cell calls in call quality, making calls to family, friends and business associates all the more pleasant. So, whether you want to have an emergency lifeline ready at a moment's notice, or enjoy uninterrupted conversations with people to whom you haven't spoken in what feels to be a lifetime, make that call with confidence each time with VARCOMM's home telephone service.

Residential Services

Universal Lifeline
Kennedy Meadows
Rancho Tehama
Terra Bella***

*All Ducor rates include Extended Area Service for unlimited calling to Porterville.  ** Halsey rates do not include Extended Area Service. $12.00 for unlimited EAS or $.08 per minute EAS is available. ***Terra Bella service is a VoIP service offering.

Unlimited Long Distance


         VARCOMM Broadband Inc. offers residential customers with unlimited long distance to the continental U.S.A. for as low as $45.00 per month. Terms and Conditions apply.

Long Distance Plans

Long distance calls powered by VARCOMM Broadband Inc., are available in all markets we service under the following plans. Contact us for more details and start connecting with the world.

2000 Minute Plan
$35 per month
$.04 per minute over 2000 minutes
1000 Minute Plan
$15 per month
$.06 per minute over 1000 minutes
600 Minute Plan
$10 per month
$.08 per minute over 600 minutes

Advanced Calling Features

Personalize your telephone service by getting the best calling features that fit your lifestayle.  Choose from an array of valuable offerings that keep up with your calling needs.  Features include, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Three-Way Calling, Call Waiting and many more. Talk to your VARCOMM representative for a complete list of features and feature bundles and get the best price possible.

Visit us in person or call 888-539-5234

Universal Lifeline Telephone Services (ULTS)

ULTS is a state and federally funded government assistance program, which provides discounted service to low-income residential customers who meet the eligibility rules established by the California Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Communications Commission. A discounted basic service rate, discounted one-time installation charges, free toll blocking, and two lines if your household has a disabled member that uses a TTY is made available to those who qualify for ULTS.

Oregon Telephone Assistance (OTAP) & Lifeline Program 

Lifeline Assistance reduces an eligible customer's monthly rates for local residential service. An eligible customer receives credit for the Federal Subscriber Line Charge as well as a credit towards residential access line rate.  Lifeline Assistance is available to all residential customers who meet the eligibility requirements set forth on the Oregon Lifeline Support Website.

In addition, eligible subscribers must meet the requirements for the Oregon Telephone Assistance Program as defined in OAR 860-033-0030. For more information, please visit the Oregon PUC Website.

As a participant in the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program, customers are eligible to receive Toll Restriction Service at no charge. This service will only be provided at the customer's request.  Local service deposit requirements will be waived for customers who voluntarily receive Toll Restriction Service

Participants in the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program shall not be disconnected from Local Service for non-payment of toll charges. In addition, RTI/VARCOMM will not deny re-establishment of Local Service to customers who are eligible for this assistance and have previously been disconnected for non-payment of toll charges. This assistance will not be connected if an outstanding balance is owed by the customer for local service. Partial payments that are received from Lifeline customers will first be applied to local service charges and then to any outstanding toll charges.

Credit amount will not exceed the total Subscriber Line Charge and the Residential Local Exchange rate

Exclusive VOIP Services for Terra Bella Only.


Local Calling + Long Distance + Custom Calling Features + unlimited local dialing within Terra Bella and to Porterville and Ducor.  Free unlimited long distance calling to the continental U.S. along with custom calling features all for one price.


All accounts come with Web Portal Access. Take control of your VARCOMM Voice Services with web portal access to make changes to your calling features, review calling history and access your voicemail.

Enlaces Custom Calling Features

All VARCOMM Voice phone telephone services comes with the following features:

  • Call Forward

  • Do Not Disturb**

  • Call Screen

  • Priority Ringing

  • Call Waiting

  • Caller ID

  • Caller ID Name

  • 900/976 Call Blocking

  • Call Return

  • Three-Way Calling

Add Voicemail for only $3.00 per month. Includes:

  • Greeting Message

  • Message Waiting Indicator

  • Call Back Message

  • Multiple Mailboxes

**Services require Voicemail. Enlaces Calling Services Terms and Conditions: Installation charges may apply for the installation of telephone line and or telephone jack, inside wire repair and other connection charges for new subscribers.  Taxes, fees, surcharges, universal service fees may apply.  This plan is for residential customers only.  International long distance and calling outside of the lower 48 continental (contiguous) United States is not included. Calls to Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. territories are not included in the Enlaces long distance calling.  Enlaces long distance plans are solely for the live dialog between two individuals.  Unlimited minutes may not be used for monitoring services, data transmission, interconnection to other networks.  Customers with large usage inconsistent with normal residential voice applications may have their unlimited services terminated, suspended, or moved to a per minute of use plan of 8¢ per minute of use.  Other terms and conditions applied can be found in Local Exchange Service Schedule (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier Tariff) Issued by Varcomm Broadband Inc., U-7385-C with the Public Utilities Commission. 


Unidad Calling To Mexico

Call who you want, when you want in Mexico, up to 1,000 minutes!  Overage charges for calls exceeding 1,000 minutes will be billed at 8¢ per minute to either landline or mobile lines. 

$50 / Monthly

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