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Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) Policy

Ducor Telephone Company, Roome Telecommunications Inc. and VARCOMM Broadband Inc.,(“VARCOMM”) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are very concerned about protecting our subscribers' privacy and identity. The FCC enacted rules regarding Customer Proprietary Information (CPNI) effective December 7, 2007. These rules protect our subscribers. VARCOMM is not able to release any call detail or account information unless the security password is provided.

How does CPNI affect me?

The CPNI rules affect subscribers calling in or visiting VARCOMM’s Ducor, Rancho Tehama and Halsey offices to inquire about subscribed features, average usage and long distance call information. Please be aware of the following when making inquiries on your account:

In person: You must provide a current, valid, government-issued photo identification or your CPNI Password before VARCOMM can disclose any information.

Via the phone: You must provide your CPNI Subscriber Password.

If the customer isn’t unable to provide the password or ID, VARCOMM is forbidden from disclosing proprietary information.

What if I forget or lose my Subscriber Password?

If subscribers are unable to provide the required password, VARCOMM can place a call to the phone number associated with the account or we can mail a letter to the address associated with the account to disclose the information.

Can I change my password?

Subscribers can change their 4 to 13 digit CPNI Subscriber Password by calling VARCOMM’s office toll free at 888-539-5234 from their phone that we have on record or completing the CPNI Authorization Form. CPNI Subscriber Passwords must be 4 - 13 characters and not based on readily available biographical information (telephone or social security number, mother's maiden name, address or date of birth). VARCOMM will notify account holders via U.S. mail, electronic mail or voice message when a CPNI Subscriber Password or Mailing Address is changed.

Can I authorize someone to have access to my account?

To authorize another individual to have access to a member’s account, the CPNI Authorization Form must be completed and mailed to VARCOMM at P.O. Box 700, Ducor, CA. 93218. Once the form is received and the information is entered into our billing records, members’ Authorized Account Representatives will be allowed to inquire about and make changes to their account when they provide the required password or photo identification.

You can read the FCC's Guide to Protecting Your Telephone Calling Records here.

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